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Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

The farthest that I have ever traveled away from home to a place where I didn’t know any one at all was Las Angeles California back in 1989. I have traveled elsewhere in Europe, but I always had family somewhere close to where I was, so I wasn’t going off into the great beyond, not like I did when I went off to L.A to start the location scouting and product management of the furniture and accessories going into the catalog. I had forgotten to mention, I was the catalog coordinator of Conran’s Habitat and my trip out to L.A was, at the tender age of 22, my first business trip, talk about pressure, it was sink or swim, the rest of the team didn’t come out to join me until six weeks later. It was a tremendous learning experience for me, I learned that I was a very capable person and that I didn’t sink under pressure or challenges. That was one of the best molding experiences of my life.