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The baby girl and I had an interesting experience trying to get home from Miami today. First we learned that our flight was delayed, already that put our connecting flight in jeopardy. I was waiting patiently for an hour on line at the gate, along with many other passengers, when our carrier threw all caution to the wind and simply canceled the entire flight. I had observed some twitchy characters beforehand, but when the attendant broke this wonderful news, I thought that a few heads were going to explode. The baby girl and I kept our cool and the nice man, when it finally got to our turn, re- routed us directly to Hartford via American, that was great news. So now after traversing over half of the entire airport, we are at Gate D43 waiting for our 9:45 pm flight back home. We won’t be back home in bed until at least 2:00 am, but I am not complaining, we will be back home.