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Wow, oh wow did we have a day. The baby girl and I did a tremendous amount of exploring today. We took full advantage of the Metrorail, the Metromovers and the Metrobus because I made the conscious decision not to rent a car so that the baby girl can learn how to navigate the city of Miami independently of a vehicle.

There were a few slight hiccups in our travels, we have found out the seedy parts of Miami and now we know to stay clear, we also learned that there are few pedestrian friendly areas and these are in the glitzy parts of Miami. I thought that the metrorail stop called Historic Overton/Lyric Theater would be a good area and it was one of the stops on the map, looked as if we could transfer to a Metromover (a small type of shuttle). I was greatly mistaken, the area was deserted, no cars, no pedestrians, just poor homeless people. I even went to a police car to ask a police officer directions and he steered us to an even worse section. I saw three young males that looked very sketchy so I turned us right around and I decided that we were going to another stop. That proved to be the best move because the next stop got us to the metromover directly and we were able to find the Bayside Marketplace, it was beautiful and a lot of fun to walk around and poke around all the tourist shops. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe and my baby girl was very happy with that, we looked at several yachts and enjoyed the breeze off the water. We commented to each other that despite spending a day and a half in Miami, we were still searching for the open water; the Atlantic Ocean. Don’t worry, we eventually found the water.

We grabbed the Metrobus and it took us over the Venetian Causeway and right to Lincoln Road the main drag with restaurants, night clubs, shops and it eventually leads you to Miami Beach. We passed by the Ritz-Carlton and other gorgeous hotels. The beautiful people were definitely out and about.

We had a good, long day.











Miami is beautiful, isn’t it?