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The baby girl and I are once again traveling, this time to Miami, Florida, to make sure that the University of Miami is the best place for her and the place that she would rather be to continue her studies and cement her future in the study of Marine Biology. We arrived early this afternoon and we have been walking around reconnoitering , which is actually a French word “reconnaitre”, to better acquaint ourselves with the city. Monday we have an appointment with the powers that be and hopefully we will go back home with the definitive answer of her housing, her financial aid and her happiness with the city of Miami and her potential new school.

I have to say that when we got to the hotel, I went to my email, opened an alert about an article in the Huffington Post written by someone I follow, and I saw the headline “plane crash in San Francisco” It is really off-putting to read about an airplane crash just an hour after you get off your own plane. We even had turbulence taking off and landing and scary thoughts had crossed my mind.











We saw a lizard and I would have taken a picture, but I was too slow on the uptake. I saw a toad by myself on the way to CVS to get snacks, we have a refrigerator, and once again, I was too slow on the uptake. These little guys are quite feisty and I am not.