Tell us a moment or an incident that you treasure – not necessarily because it brought you happiness, but because it taught you something about yourself.

An important moment for me during my younger days was the day that I went to Barnes and Noble to complete research on what exactly was driving me to want to keep losing weight and pursuing it using any means necessary to the ruin of my health and sanity. I remember first going to the library, my usual refuge from the world and spending hours looking for resources associated with excessive exercising, starvation, and distorted body perception. The research eventually led me to the term anorexia nervosa, a term that I had never heard of before, but mind you this was 1986/1987 and we didn't have Doctor Phil yet. I am not even sure if Oprah was on, if she was, I think that she was focused on her own weight loss, but in an entirely different way. I am pretty sure that Phil Donahue wasn't talking about it. I felt alone in my struggles and I took to my beloved books for the answers. This habitual refuge into books helped to save me from further self-destruction. I came to understand the underlying causes of my newly discovered eating disorder and that helped me immensely in my road towards recovery. I won't dishonor the disorder by saying that there haven't been many lapses in my recovery, there have been quite a few, but for now I am doing so much better. And like many other types of recovery, it is always one day at a time.

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