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The baby girl, my hubby and I went out to the movies today to see the latest Johnny Depp movie “The Lone Ranger”. Our baby girl loves all things that include Johnny Depp and to be honest, my hubby and I really like Johnny Depp as an actor, so despite the half hearted reviews by critics, we went to see Johnny Depp. He didn’t disappoint, I could watch him play anything, he brings something exciting to all of his roles. His Tonto was smart, driven by something important to him, flawed, vulnerable, funny and brave. Armie Hammer as the Lone Ranger was likable, a tad bumbling and almost a supporting actor in comparison to Tonto. I would have probably called the movie Tonto and the Lone Ranger if I had been the director. I was more interested in seeing Johnny Depp onscreen than anyone else and I wouldn’t be surprised if other movie goers wouldn’t say the same.

It was a good movie, not an excellent movie. I was interested to see that the movie didn’t shy away from showing how greed played a huge role in the drive towards the rest and the taking of Native American land and their subsequent slaughter. It was painful to watch the cavalry mow down Native Americans defending their land, all for silver. Never fear, the Lone Ranger is here with his faithful companion Tonto. Actually, Tonto with his companion the Lone Ranger saved the day. I don’t think that I gave anything away, the two characters at the heart of the movie are there as the action heroes and they did their job in an entertaining fashion.