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I know that I have only been gone for three days, but I knew that as soon as I went out to the garden, I would be surprised by a whole new bunch of blooms and I wasn’t disappointed. Just last week I was looking at my young hydrangea and I wasn’t sure if it was a blue one or a pink one, happy to report that it is a blue hydrangea. I was surprised to see the Tiger Lilies already in bloom, I was thinking that they would come later such as in August but I am not complaining, I welcome all color whenever it decides to show itself.

I love seeing all of my Daisies wide awake, they have such a delicate flower. I saw my first Cone Flower in bloom and the Day Lilies are all out in force. I have various Sage plants in bloom, they are the tall spikes of purple and blues. There is a very pretty light purple plant in full bloom and I can’t for the life of me remember what its name is, I’m sure that it will come to me eventually.

My miniature roses are in bloom and I have a lot of pruning to do tomorrow if I want to have repeat blooms on my other rose bushes. In three days time, a lot can get away from you in the garden and so I have work to do. I never mind, it’s very fulfilling work. I know that my first picture of of our Bougainvillea and its first purple bloom is a little hazy but that’s due to the bright sun. Since bright sunlight has been a rarity these days, I won’t complain. I hope that these pictures aren’t too boring, I just get so excited about my garden and all of its pretty treasures.



















The first bloom that struck me upon arrival was the gorgeous spike of white blooms erupting from the middle of the Yucca Plant in my front yard and this year I have not just one but at least four others ready to bloom soon. I am so happy, the Yucca hasn’t produced this many spikes ever. Hooray!