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Tell us something most people probably don’t know about you.

I was playing a party game with a bunch of friends, it was a fun game or what I remember was fun at least. We all had to write down something about ourselves according to the prompts and then as the pieces of paper were read aloud, we had to guess who answered which prompt. It was so funny especially when it came to them trying to guess who had written the answer to a certain prompt and no one guessed that it was little ole me. The expressions on their faces when I had to own up to the answer was priceless. Pure shock all around, lol.

I think that the prompt that I answered was what was the most shocking thing that I had ever done and this is what I wrote.

When I was in grammar school, during the eighth grade, my friends Patrick, Jose, Candace and Rosemarie and I would creep on our hands and knees out of our classroom and sneak into the empty wing of the school, this was all done under the “watchful” eyes of the nuns of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, we would then set up our poker game in the stairwell. We did this knowing full well that upstairs and downstairs, there lurked incredible danger, Sister Irene our principal was always on the prowl and she could have caught us at any time, it was dangerous but we took the risk. Our poker game, to make the stakes even higher, was always strip poker. Granted we were in eighth grade and my friend Patrick always dealt and rigged the game to make Rosemarie and Candace lose, I habitually lost my shoes and that’s it and then we would creep back to our classes to play yet again another day. There was a time that the clang of her keys gave her away from downstairs and we all quietly cleared out of the stairwell. Patrick and I hid in the boys lavatory, and we waited quietly until she finished her rounds. I am not exaggerating when I say that we were courting trouble, Sister Irene was not a nun to trifle with, she believed in severe corporal punishment. I think that we became danger junkies because this didn’t happen just once or twice, it was on a daily basis that we played.

My friends were all so shocked because according to them, I am the last person in the world that they would have pegged for committing this type of rebellious act of gambling, ducking out of class and on top of it the “stripping”. That was the extent of my life of wayward behavior in grammar school.