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Oh my goodness, did I laugh and laugh. I laughed so hard at one point that nothing was coming out of my mouth, there was barely any air coming out because my laughter couldn’t stop, the tears were just streaming and my body kept doubling over mindlessly and instinctually. The slapstick and the dialogue or monologue or whatever you want to call what was going on between Melissa McCarthy’s character and Sandra Bullock’s character was some of the funniest and tightest written scenes that I have seen in a long time.

My hubby and I absolutely loved this movie and it was so great to see two women working together, as men are always put into these situations, and doing a bang up job. There wasn’t the stereotypical cattiness shown between women characters, the competitive edge that we see between the two, is your usual turf competition between different branches of law enforcement, it had nothing to do with gender. Moreover, when you see Melissa McCarthy take down a perp. you seriously believe it. Melissa’s character’s name is Shannon Mullins and Sandra’s character’s name is Sarah Ashburn and the two together are the Oscar and Felix of the Odd Couple. Their chemistry as actors and as women is solid gold.

I cannot say enough how great this movie is, there was never at any moment, a lull in the action or the comedy. I really think that we have hit the ultimate with the comedic timing and chops of Melissa McCarthy, she brought nothing but her A game as she does in everything that I have seen her in. Sandra Bullock I just really like a lot as an actress, there is something about her that is very approachable and adorable.

It does one so much good to laugh and laugh.

Oh and another gift from the movie,a song that I cannot get out of my head.