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My son is done with his recording session on Cape Cod with his band and we met him in Boston so that he can get the car to get back home to his little sister and little Jack. Since my hubby and I both missed him very much, we decided that before he got into the car, we would have a nice sushi dinner before letting him go on his merry way. My hubby took the three of us to the Kowloon restaurant, an Asian restaurant happy to serve you food from any expression of Asian cuisine. There was a selection for Thai lovers, Szechuan aficionados, Cantonese and even Sushi. While our baby boy was ordering, it was apparent that the poor boy hadn’t eaten very well or very much because he took advantage of the fact that there was something for every type of Asian craving you might be having. He ordered scallion pancakes, paper thin sliced tuna served with a spicy vinaigrette and a sushi/sashimi combo plate. I ordered two special rolls one with eel, avocado and cucumber and the other, spicy tuna and cucumber, they were both yummy. My hubby ordered pad thai, a standard Thai noodle dish, one that I have made several times at home and it is the Thai version of a comfort food dish. Noodles, ground pork, shrimp and pieces of sautéed egg with bean sprouts, cilantro and peanuts, it is a delicious combination of flavors.

We are very happy to have both of our children home now. I might be becoming like my grandmother, she was always happiest when she had everyone around her at the table. A full house, in her estimation, was a happy house. If my babies want to stay home while they are getting their lives together and their plans off the ground, I would be more than happy to have them home with us.