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Another Sunday getaway for my hubby and myself. This time we aren’t in the heart of Boston, we are in the outlying town of Saugus near my hubby’s other offices. It doesn’t change the fact that we are still together near Boston and having fun. Jack and the baby girl, along with the baby boy, are holding down the fort at home. I don’t know who I worry about more, the children or the little guy Jack. My human babies tell me constantly that Jack is lost without me, he loves them and they know it, but according to them, Jack looks sad and looks for me while I’m away. I worry about my two feeding themselves, feeling lonely and alone and other silly things that mothers everywhere worry about no matter how old their children are, as in my case, two young adults.

I see from my own mother, that worrying about your children just simply never goes away, even when they are at the ripe old age of 46. It is just an inescapable part of being a parent, the constant worrying no matter how smart your child is and how responsible they are, you will worry and that is it, end of story.

I honestly believe that during high school they should offer classes on parenting and the permanence of the job and the responsibilities and emotional investment that do not expire after a certain date. The ties that bind do not get severed until the day you no longer draw breath in this life. I think that these classes would go a long way to decreasing the rates of teen pregnancy that we have in the country. I know that in our case at home, my best friend took my baby girl with her whenever she had to baby-sit her two granddaughters and that was a golden opportunity to teach my daughter exactly how difficult taking care of babies actually is, instead of romanticizing how cute and cuddly they are, she learned how long they can cry, how often they create smelly diapers and how easily your world is no longer your own and they must be the center of your attention and focus. That for a young teen gets old.

I owe my best friend a lot for her patience and kindness taking my baby girl along. She always says that my baby girl was so much help so that it was a win, win for everyone. If only more young people had that luxury.