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Today I treated myself to the beauty salon for a haircut and some color. I was really excited about getting new color because I have been walking around with my prominent white stripe at my roots from the last coloring just this past March, boy does my hair grow fast! I never noticed before, but now that my white hairs are coming out in force, my hair growth is highly noticeable. Oh well, what can you do? I am very happy with the color and the hair cut. Sarah, the stylist, did an excellent job blowing my curly locks smooth and straight. I’ll be sleek and shiny until the rain gets me, which apparently with the weather report, will be tomorrow.

I tried to do the selfie, I haven’t gotten the hang of the eyes and where to look, the youngin’s know what they’re doing, I’m still fumbling trying to make sure that my fingers don’t get in the way.