Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

The relationship between myself and my mother-in-law was complicated; we got along most of the time but often it was due to my natural tendency to back off and back down. My mother-in-law was very similar to the character Marie in "Everybody loves Raymond" and I was a quieter Debra. However we did share many moments of kindness. One example was when I was living in the "house from hell" three houses down from her and when I was stuck without running water for a week and a half, she came over everyday with four or five 2 liter bottles of water to help out. My two babies were fine because my oldest was a toddler and my baby girl was actually a baby, so they were in diapers and were drinking milk. I needed the water to force flush the toilet from time to time and she was very kind and helpful, providing me with those bottles every day. That week and a half without water was a very long week and a half indeed, but knowing that she was there with her water made it bearable.

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