Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?

I am so not gifted with these creativity weighted questions. A tagline is another type of descriptive tool, so in essence the question is how do I see myself and how would I transmit it to the world.

I think that I would like to think that a tagline such as "the hopeful optimist" would be accurate. I know that the tagline is redundant but since I am not, in truth, always optimistic, it is a trait that I work to nurture and strengthen. So that is why I chose the word hopeful, I want to be the "eternal optimist" but I'm not there yet. There is a dark, sad side to me that if I gave in to it, I would wallow in and that isn't what I want. I consciously choose to be upbeat and hopeful and sometimes there are days where it is very difficult.

So there you have it, my tagline as the "hopeful optimist" I can't even think of another one, it isn't my forte but I think that I did fairly well despite what I think of my limitations.

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