Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?).

The last book that I couldn't put down was the last book of the incredible series that Robert Jordan, the late science-fiction/fantasy writer, had created "The Wheel of Time". The series is one that I have followed for the past twenty odd years. The late Robert Jordan wrote fourteen incredible books to create my favorite science-fiction/fantasy series of all time. As an aspiring writer who is struggling with finishing just one book, here is an amazing writer who was able to weave an incredible world and keep me invested and faithful for over two decades, am I the only one who is in admiration?

Robert Jordan's brilliance will be remembered for as long as his books are in print and read. However long it takes, I will finish my own book, I take heart that it can take a long time to finish but I will really try not to give up on myself or my story. I wonder if Robert Jordan ever had moments or a series of moments of self doubt and being stuck.

I suppose that I should apply my feelings about my garden and my plants to my writing, as I have written before, with my garden, my motto is "never say die" meaning I never give up on a plant and so I will never give up on my book.

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