You're asked to nominate someone for TIME's Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

My hubby suggested David Letterman, I had been thinking Senator Elizabeth Warren, but I have to admit that David Letterman is a very strong contender. My reasons for choosing Senator Elizabeth Warren rest predominately on her strength of conviction in trying to pass legislation that will do the most good for the little guy such as charging the same interest for student loans as the big banks get charged which is .75%, instead of the 3.4% that it is now for students and if nothing is done in the next few days it will automatically go up to 6.8%. Moreover she was the temporary head of the Consumer Federal Protection Agency whose sole purpose is to keep the little guy safe from potential fraudulent practices from big banks.

That being said, David Letterman has done a lot for the little guy as well, he is currently showcasing the Stooges of the Night, each night he shows all the congressmen that have voted against the gun safety bill despite having more than 80% of their respective constituents explicitly show their support for gun safety and he shows just how much money they received from their lobbyists friends, often close to a million dollars and that is why they voted the way they did, against the explicit wishes of their voters. This isn't the only service that he has performed for his viewers, he takes the various politicians that appear on his show to task in a good-natured manner but still taking them to task.

Whoever makes the final cut, they are both exceptional people and they more than deserve being recognized as the TIME's Person of the Year.

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