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My hubby is back home, hooray for me! He wasn’t gone that long, overnight that’s it but I still missed him. Yesterday morning we drove to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks CT. It’s only 50 minutes away from our house, believe or not, which I think is the coolest thing. Growing up in Astoria Queens, the airport that I knew was JFK of course and the drive was never a pleasant one, it was backed up with traffic and in terms of the aesthetics, there was much left to be desired. Not so with the drive to Bradley International, after we get through Westfield to get on 10-202, we are essentially driving down a country road all the way to the airport. I saw that for any flight, it’s easy on and easy off, and the traffic is almost non-existent; both within the airport and without. Next time we are aiming our sights overseas, it is going to be from Bradley, that is what I am thinking, for the next time.