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Today I have been in the garden in between storm showers. I was doing my usual battle with the errant bamboo shoots that spring up willy nilly near my perennials. While I am rooting out the bamboo, I am constantly uprooting my old foe, the Bishop’s weed, these two are my nemesis without fail, year in and year out. I might win a few battles against these two, but I know that I will never win the war, this is Mother Nature we are talking about and she is infinitely more powerful than I can ever hope to be. I only inhabit her universe, I’m fortunate that she allows me that. It is my arrogance that promotes my yearly battles, I am determined to shape my garden to my vision and that is apparently not congruent with Mother Nature’s design for my little plot of land. I think that as long as I realize this, my weeding and pruning won’t drive me crazy since they eventually become pointless because I have to continue doing the same. I do like the therapeutic value to my gardening activities, I have said it before, having my hands deep in the dirt is meditative and relaxing.

While I was doing this, I took a break and decided to take pictures of my peonies before they begin to lose their beauty and while I was at it, I noticed that my dogwood’d blossoms were this bright white, which was beautifully contrasting against the honeysuckle and the bamboo.