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Happy Father’s Day to everyone. We are celebrating Father’s Day with a Korean barbecue at home. We are very lucky to have a few Asian markets that carry Korean products and their cuts of meat so that we can have what is called Bulgogi, thinly sliced cuts of beef marinated and grilled on the barbecue. My hubby loves it and so do we, it’s also especially fun to eat, you wrap the beef in lettuce and dip it into an Asian dipping sauce. It is yummy. My hubby loves opening presents so that is going to be fun and we didn’t forget his cards and cards are just as important as presents. I hope that he really enjoys his Father’s Day, he deserves a wonderful day.

I miss my own father, it has been ten years since he passed and it gets easier but I always miss him and he is never gone from my heart or my mind. Thank goodness for memories and pictures, I keep him alive with those. It still hits me every now and then, the pain but it isn’t as acute, more dull and achy and deep.

I still love celebrating with and for my hubby, I send all the celebratory feelings up into the cosmos where my father’s essence is swirling around, he is part of the energy that surrounds us all and that makes me feel better.