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My hubby, our baby girl and I went to go see Superman. We did the usual Arby’s run, I got my fix of curly fries and my chocolate shake and we went to see the newest incarnation of Superman. My hubby and the baby girl loved it, I liked it but at some point during one of the fighting sequences, I found myself thinking enough already. I can’t help but think that perhaps I was distracted by how intensely handsome I found Henry Cavil as Superman. He was almost unnaturally handsome, almost like Chris Helmsworth in Thor but even more so if you can believe it. I know that I had seen Henry Cavil before, since he was an important character in The Tudors, he was of course handsome then, but it didn’t distract as much in The Tudors. Perhaps because I was distracted by all the sexual liaisons of King Henry or the drama of Anne Boleyn and her immediate family, I don’t know, perhaps it was because his face wasn’t featured on the big screen so that you could focus on his cheekbones, his expressive blue eyes, his interesting nose. I don’t know but it was certainly distracting.

Anyway, there was a message as there tends to be in any movie and what I took the message to be was that genetic engineering is bad, everyone should be mindful of our finite resources and fracking is bad. That was what I took away from the movie, so even if I was distracted more than usual, at least I took away an important message for the future.