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Today I made the Vietnamese spring rolls or at least half of them, the filling is all done and I still have at least enough for another thirty spring rolls. The filling is relatively easy to put together; it’s shredded carrots, ground pork, lump crabmeat, sliced black mushrooms, chopped onion, minced garlic, beaten egg, salt, pepper and rice threads. The tedious part is wrapping them in the rice wrappers. This time my hubby and my baby boy did the wrapping and they did a really nice job. I fried them in peanut oil and then the best part came; eating them. I love the difference in texture between the crispy spring roll and the lettuce and mint, it’s good to have your greens when you are eating deep fried food. I love the dipping sauce; a combination of fish sauce, minced garlic, water, sugar, red pepper flakes, and shredded carrot. The flavors are harmonious with the spring rolls, lettuce and mint, it overall effect is a symphony of exciting flavors in your mouth.

Tomorrow we will be having more of what is a great thing, yum yum.