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Father’s Day is upon us and I was gearing up in the kitchen for the weekend. I decided to make the desserts tonight because tomorrow I have my hands full; what with weight class, a doctor’s appointment, shopping and more cooking.

My hubby asked for the apple tart that I had made when my sister and her kids were here at our house last. One of my favorite cookbooks is Patricia Wells “Bistro Cookbook” and she has a wonderful recipe called the apple and golden cream tart. I improvised it somewhat last time because I had extra almond creme and I added it as the base before laying down the apples in a rosette design and adding the custard afterwards. Actually the tart’s name can now be “apple, golden custard with an almond creme”. The almond creme is a basic component in French patisserie and all you need is equal amounts of room temperature butter, equal parts ground almond, equal parts sugar and an egg with a dash of flour.My hubby really liked the extra layer of flavor that the almond creme gave to the custard and the apples.

The kids have fallen in love with the frittata and since my gratin of potatoes was devoured last night. I figured another one would make them happy, I threw in garlic, onions and bacon; everything tastes better with bacon, and the eggs. Since I had the oven set at 375 because I had pre-baked the pie shells for the two tarts (I made two to make sure that the whole weekend is dessert filled) a frittata made perfect sense. At this point I had not burned myself, I was faithfully using my dish towels. When I took out the pan and inverted the frittata onto the plate, I still hadn’t burned myself. It happened when I had my dish towel in my left hand and used my right hand to put the pan into the sink. OWWWW! I tell you, how silly can someone be? I have the dish towel just not in the proper hand. I’m okay don’t worry. I melted a few ice cubes in my right hand palm for awhile. I still love baking even though I am a danger to myself.