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You have the power to enact a single law. What would it be?

If I had the power to enact one law and only one, I think that it would be related to the gun situation that is unique to the United States. Part of our cultural legacy is a very strong gun culture embodied within a mythic worship of the second amendment. What frustrates me so much is that almost all second amendment fans gloss over the first phrase -A Well-Regulated Militia and go right to the right to bear arms.

I would definitely take my opportunity to write a law that would make it mandatory to have universal background checks, no loop holes whatsoever, two week waiting period, civilians would not have access to assault weapons or high capacity magazines and there would be a national gun registry.

I know for a fact that many who reside in the “red” states would be up in arms, pun intended, over my multi-pronged gun law. I would be very curious as to how long it would stay in effect and how radically the NRA would react over its passage. I would be so gratified if, even just parts of it would stay in place.

I thought of this because I read the most distressing account of a Newton CT family’s disillusionment with the failure regarding any passage of gun related legislation. The account has followed one family and their profound grief as first they lost their son and then they lose faith that their son’s death will ever have any meaning whatsoever and that he had his life cut short and end of story.

That would be my one and only law.