If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill – no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation – would you do it?

NO, no and no.The last thing that I would ever want to give up is food preparation, it is therapeutic, challenging, it feeds my creativity, it's interesting and it feeds all of the senses. On the other hand, I could see the temptation of having the pill instead of eating because if you noticed, I didn't really say anything about the eating part, I was describing quite enthusiastically, the art of food preparation; the chopping, the mincing, the peeling, the sautéing, the poaching and any other culinary technique I can imagine. I might forgo the eating part if all of my nutritional needs were taken care with one pill and I wouldn't have to worry about gaining any weight.

I don't really need the eating part because after an hour or more of working with food, I am not the least bit hungry. It's as if I have absorbed all the food through my pores, my nose and ears by the time I am done cooking or baking. The pleasure that I get from cooking and baking for others is much more important than what pleasure I get from eating it myself. I always prefer to eat someone else's cooking, when I haven't spend a lot of time looking at it, poking it and tasting it, instead simply sitting there and tasting it in its final stage for the first time. That is when I appreciate the eating aspect of food.

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