What's your dream tourist destination – either a place you've been and loved, or a place you'd love to visit?

One of my dream travel destinations isn't so much a destination but a mode of travel. I would love to take the Orient Express of old, the way it was described in Agatha Christie's murder mystery "Murder on the Orient Express", in my imaginings, it would be a proper voyage, replete with old world elegance, the dining car with tables set with silverware, white linens and waiters serving me with white gloved precision. The food would be top notch and each daily menu would reflect the region through which we pass. It would be an epic journey or at least it would be in my imagination.

Otherwise, in terms of destination, I would love to visit Thailand. I'm not entirely sure if I would keep my visit specific to the north or the south or if I would throw caution to the wind and simply do a full on country walkabout. The only thing of Thailand that I know is that I love its cuisine, that is enough of a reason for me to put it on top of my bucket list for travel destinations.

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