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Today being the second Tuesday of the month was our French Club meeting at the library. It was only two of us, Bonnie and myself, so perhaps calling it a club is a little much but I spent a delightful hour speaking French with Bonnie nevertheless. She is leaving this Friday for France, she rented a house for two weeks and she is looking forward to it. Her rented house is in the Dordogne region, not too far from Bordeaux so she will be awash in duck, pate, goose and wine.

We spoke of many things in French, the wacky weather which isn’t just here in Blandford but also in Paris and Bordeaux. We weren’t complaining about the 70’s, we are very content that it isn’t too hot yet, but the excessive rain is a bit much and Paris and Bordeaux are experiencing the same weather patterns which is quite odd. We also talked about rhubarb, Bonnie asked me if I wanted some of her rhubarb and I had to confess that I have never tasted rhubarb before. I had always thought that it was a purely American staple but it isn’t, rhubarb is found in France as well, just that my family didn’t cook it during the summer. I found out that my family had eaten so much rhubarb during the war that they didn’t want to eat it anymore. I can’t say that I blame them. Anyway Bonnie will be dropping off her extra rhubarb so I will be experimenting with rhubarb.

I was happy despite the fact that it was only the two of us because Bonnie is so easy to talk to and she is such a kind person. I am so glad to have made her acquaintance and I’m sure that we will become good friends being part of the Blandford French Club.