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Last night my hubby and I watched the opening number of the 2013 Tony Award show with Neil Patrick Harris as its host for the fourth consecutive year and I have to say that he, the Broadway performers and dancers outdid themselves this year. The Tony’s were held at Radio City Music Hall and it was spectacular. My hubby, twenty two years ago was heavily involved with the reconstruction project at Radio City Music Hall and he knows the entire building inside and out. He knew where all of the underground ins and outs were located that Neil Patrick Harris used to pop in and out from the stage and into the audience. It’s always fun to watch a spectacular on t.v and have the inside knowledge, it makes you feel as if you’re part of the show in a way.

I have to say that Neil Patrick Harris is such a gifted performer and a wonderful host, he is just as witty and charming as he is talented as a song and dance man. Poor Mike Tyson, the ex boxing champ, got quite a bit of teasing from Neil Patrick Harris during the show. It was making me nervous for Neil at one point, just because I’m not too sure how thick of a skin Mike Tyson has and who knows how much teasing can he take?

We didn’t watch the whole thing because the finale to Game of Thrones came on and it was the seasons finale, can’t miss that. We were tivoing the Tony Awards so we are going to watch the rest of the show tonight. One of the best things about watching the Tony Awards is that you kind of get the Cliff Notes of every Broadway show available for that Broadway season. With the price of tickets nowadays, it’s an excellent bargain for the not very passionate play or musical appreciator.