Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the another, but create a common thread between them by including the same item – an object, a symbol, a place – in each part.

Blandford, this day June 7th which is a friday, is a dreary day of rain and fog. I drove myself and my older friend to weight class in the driving rain and as she was telling me about her troubles with her upcoming complaint at her town hall. She was bitten by an unleashed dog, I feel comfortable writing about it because at this point she has told everyone who would listen. I feel a lot of sympathy and empathy for her because I have been bitten twice by dogs that I didn't know and I remember how terrifying it was, so for her when she was out walking her little Boston terrier, being attacked by an unleashed dog, forced to pick her little dog up in her arms so that he would be safe was traumatic enough and to not have the dog owner be held accountable for her dog is the final straw on the camel's back. I feel so badly for my friend and I am fairly sure that our weight class today did her some good because she was surrounded by friends and we were all supportive of her and her feelings.

Lately I have been battling bone weary fatigue and a dense fog that is clogging up my grey matter that resides in my head. This weekend I will be resting and not doing anything physical, I decided that I need a break, not from writing but from digging, weeding, checking the pool, I would like for the fog to lift from my brain. It feels so weird, it feels as if the synapses are firing in slow motion and my thoughts are churning in molasses. I miss the clarity of thought that I used to have at my finger tips. Maybe a long, long nap would be the answer to crisp thought patterns instead of muddling through this miasma of marmalade

Grey I think is one of my favorite colors for fashion especially in men. Grey looks so sharp when it is in a pattern and the power suit can be turned up a notch or turned down a notch depending on the darkness of the grey. Moreover the texture makes the color grey transform as much as the hue can. I think that one of my favorite patterns is the Herringbone, I think that's the name for it, on a grey suit, in a darker grey with an excellent wool heft to the fabric. I imagine that some would think that my preference for grey would reflect a dreariness in my fashion sense, but I always think that the grey provides the back drop for splashes of color; the bold tie, the smart scarf or the striking handkerchief. That's my sense of it anyway.

I tried with this prompt, I'm not sure if I succeeded, but I'll leave it to my readers to see if I at least got the gist of the prompt.

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