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I checked out my account on Ancestry.com and found out the results of my DNA analysis. I have to say that I was initially surprised by the results, I identify myself primarily with my French background so when I found out that genetically there isn’t any French material within my DNA, I was shocked. My genetic ethnicity is made up of 54% British Isles, 39% Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain or Italy) and 7% uncertain.

I had a good laugh over the 7% uncertain, I told my hubby that perhaps I have alien heritage in me. After I took a few hours to digest the results, I remembered someone at the family feast last summer in France mention hearing that in our ancestry, there were English who had come over during the time the English ruled Bordeaux, around the time of Jeanne d’Arc. I already know that my grandfather on my father’s side was 100% English and now I know that on my mother’s there was an English person or two as well.

I was really surprised to learn that genetically I am of most probably Italian or “Roman” heritage. It makes sense given how many Roman ruins my daughter and I visited last summer while traveling through southern France, I was a little disappointed to find out that I am not an indigenous French person, but being a descendent of a Roman who decided to put down roots in a nice country such as France, well I got over my disappointment.

It seems to me that my heritage is made up of people who wanted to be in France, now don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my maiden name Jones and being English, it just seems funny to me that my grandfather left Liverpool with the express desire to perfect his trade as a chocolate maker in France and to marry a French woman and on my mother’s side, an English person also made their way across the Channel to settle in France. Moreover, some Roman family made their way at some point during the Roman Empire to settle in Gaul.

Finally I really got a kick of the 7% uncertain part, it might be from Martinique which according to my family is where the family fled to during the French Revolution or it could be from North Africa mixing in with the Roman theme. Who knows? I like the exotic possibility of it all.