What will the nest mustt-have technological innovation be? Jetpacks? Hoverboards? Wind-powered calculators?

I am not really in favor of replacing people with automation but in the spirit of the prompt I am still waiting for Rosie the robot from the cartoon The Jetsons. I loved that cartoon of the future where everything was ready with only the push of a button. George the bumbling Dad and Jane the wife, Rosie the robotic housekeeper all of which pressed buttons for dinner, washing dishes, drying dishes and everything under the sun.

I wish for Rosie the robotic housekeeper only because cleaning and putting things away day in and day out gets old very quickly. I have always liked doing things once and be done with it, repetitive tasks have never been my strong suit. I am the most awful domestic manager in the world, I might as well just come out with it in plain English, I am the worst housekeeper on the planet. I know of so many ladies who are wonderful at it and I am just not. Rosie where are you?

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