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Jack makes me laugh every day, especially when his royal highness is out and about in his garden. I like to think that for a dog of his small stature, he must feel as if his territory is quite large. He has all these nooks and crannies to explore and at one end behind the Jacuzzi room there lies his jungle, it hasn’t reached its maximum height yet, but I have a small grove of perennials that bloom in August that Jack loves to wander in during his hunting expedition.

These pictures are of Jack chasing something near the fountain in his little pond. He loves running around the tiny pond, he knows that there are things that drink out of it and he is bound and determined to catch something off guard. So far this year I haven’t caught him with anything in his mouth, but the hunting season is still relatively new.

This week I plan to work some more on my novel and to also do a little bit of weeding and clearing to give a more polished look to my flower beds. It is going to be cooler so I’ll be able to work without fear of over-heating. There is always work to be done in gardening, nothing strenuous just light weeding but it is still work. I love it and it is very therapeutic for me, relaxes my mind and gives me time to write in my head while I clear the weeds away from my plants.