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I know that I love all movies but this one is seriously a must see movie. It is so well acted, well directed and it is one of the smartest movies that my hubby and I have seen in a long time. The cast is made up of very good actors and some excellent actors: Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine are of course the excellent ones in my book and then the very good ones: Jesse Eisenberg, Isla Fisher, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson and a lovely French actress Melanie Laurent.

I can’t go into specifics because to do so at any point might give something away, but the entire concept of magic is at play throughout the movie and at every turn, you wonder is he in on it, or is she in on it. Where is the misdirection, which is the real trick and which is the illusion? Who is the bad guy, is there a bad guy? It was such a clever who dun it, but without the stress, more like a constant trying to figure out who is behind the magic curtain.

I highly recommend the movie, it will keep you intrigued until the very end. I can’t guarantee your money back however if it doesn’t please you, I’ll just feel bad for steering you wrong. But I am fairly sure that you won’t be disappointed.