Tell us about the most surprising helping hand you've ever received.

I am trying to remember any situations that would include being helped by a stranger because that type of helping hand is usually the most surprising. This will definitely lead me back to my traveling adventures, it is always while traveling that I have encountered such friendly people willing to lend a hand whenever they thought it to be necessary and helpful.

When I was flying to London to spend six weeks at the University of London, I met a young man who offered to help me find my dormitory in London with his car, after his father who picked us up at the airport drove us back to his home where the young man had his car. His father was a very kind and helpful man, he gave us lunch at his beautiful house and helped with all of the luggage. The young man then drove me into London in his car and found my dormitory and helped me bring in my suitcase without asking for anything in return. I shudder to think what a nightmare that trip could have been on my own from Heathrow airport and taking mass transit with my suitcase all the way into London and walking the streets searching for the dormitories of the University of London.

That young man really saved the day in my book. I know it because after my summer term was over, I had to battle mass transit with my suitcase by myself to the airport to fly into France to spend the rest of the summer with my family, it was so hard because my suitcase weighed more than I and I was the most pitiful sight dragging that suitcase up stairs and down stairs and across the street, this time there weren't any knights in shining armor, perhaps they were all on vacation.

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