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The beautiful thing about marriage is that you have someone who feels that your happiness is as important as their own. Love has a magical way about it, your eyes are opened as to how your happiness is so closely tied to your partner’s happiness and when children arrive, you really learn how vulnerable your heart can become. Ask any parent to imagine their life without their child and you will see tears and fear in their eyes. Moreover ask any loving couple to imagine their life without their partner in life and you will get a similar reaction.

My hubby shows me how much my happiness and health matter to him everyday. Last night my hubby decided that we needed to get away together to Boston so that I may rest and this morning he suggested that a long soak in our room’s beautiful tub would be the very thing that would do me some good. He was right, the soaps are scented with lemon verbena, one of my favorite scents and the hot water did a lot of good to my bones and joints.








Boston is one of my favorite places and being with my hubby is definitely one of many favorite things to do. This year will make 23 years of marriage, the exact amount of time that I had lived prior to being married, crazy to realize that this year marks the juncture between 23 years of single life and 23 years of married life. After this I will always be marred for longer than I was single.