Write down the first sight, sound, smell, and sensation you experienced on waking up today.

This morning I was woken from my dream by pangs of hunger. I was in a very lovely dream; I was in France in Rouen or Franqueville Sainte-Pierre, to be precise, at my cousin's house and she was redecorating. She has such style and talent for home decor that I was so very happy to just stay in my dream watching her do her thing, but the rumblings of my stomach wrenched me away from my happy surroundings and back into the real world.

Upon waking, I picked up Jack and put him outside, went and made coffee. Jack made his desire to come back in with his knock at the door. I then made oatmeal with milled flaxseed, it is Monday and thus it's oatmeal day. I am very regimented with my breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day.

I almost always wake up hungry, which isn't a bad thing, it just cuts short a few pleasant dreams.

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