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Now that summer movie madness is upon us, each weekend is bursting with “Must see” movies. This weekend we were given the choice between Fast & Furious 6 and Hangover 3, we chose Fast & Furious 6. Our usual destination for artery clogging food was Arby’s; a classic roast beef sandwich, curly fries and my 30 oz chocolate shake. Today it was quite chilly in Western Massachusetts, 42 degrees and the chocolate shake had me chilled to my bones. Thank goodness for heated seats in the car, I was able to defrost my insides before w went into the cinema.

Fast & Furious as a franchise is one of my favorites. I seriously enjoy the dynamic between the characters; Vin Diesel and Paul Walker’s relationship is more or the less the heart of the movie, not only are they good friends but now they are linked through family ties and you see with Vin Diesel’s character that family is the foundation of his worldview and that is his greatest strength and his weakness, only in terms that he can be exploited and hurt by his vulnerability. The other characters such as “Ludicris” and Tyrese provide much of the comic relief, not because they are not serious players or untalented but because despite all of their expertise and serious talent, they have the comic timing down to an art in their back and forth quips and dialogue.

The female characters aren’t slouches either, they are well written, completely believable, written with a lot of respect and I wouldn’t dismiss them if I were you. They are smart, tough and pull their own weight in all aspects of the job at hand. They are definitely not just pretty faces and the men around them are very well aware of that.

I am still looking forward to seeing Hangover 3 but my hubby and I needed some adrenaline going today; the weather outside is all grey, cold and raining, we needed some fast cars, fast driving and sitting on the edge of your seat kind of movie.

Tomorrow theoretically we will be seeing Mister sun again, I definitely hope so, at least to warm us up a bit. Sweater wearing at the end of May is a little depressing.