What's the most significant secret you've ever discovered about someone else? Did the truth come out?

Not to be picky or catty but somone should perhaps keep track of the prompts. This one is only a few weeks old, too soon to recycle. Anyhow, secrets have no business being aired online within social media. Is their nothing sacred? I suppose that in this age of casual interaction and the false sense of anonymity, it is getting very easy to share someone else's secrets without seriously gauging the consequences and the fall out.

I prefer to use social media to keep in touch with my close friends and family who live far away, the instantaneous connection through the ether helps to erase the miles that separate us.

The reason that I started this post saying that I wasn't being picky or catty is due to the fact that even the same prompt can generate a different response from the same person who answered that prompt just a few weeks ago.

Secrets can be dangerous, they can be hurtful, they can be power, they can finally be liberating, it depends who is keeping them, who is not and the moral fiber of all those involved.

Most good drama depend heavily on secrets so for those aspiring dramatic novelists, the exploration of secrets should be a matter of fact past-time in behavioral study.

I am blessed with a horrendous memory so secrets for me can easily become a permanent secret, I couldn't remember them to spill them to anyone.

Interesting that this prompt came back around so quickly, I wonder if those who inspire the prompts are subconsciously struggling with something. I wonder if I am overthinking this or if there might be something to my little theory. Just a thought.

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