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I have written about Jack often, we are so lucky to have such a good natured, affectionate and cute little Jack Russell as part of our family. Whenever my hubby is home, Jack gets so excited that he squeals, he then runs around like a loon waiting for his papa to catch him and even goes sniffing and barking around for pretend mice to show that he is doing his job as the mouse hunter. It’s a whole big production when papa gets home. I think that a small part of the production is due to the fact that my hubby and Jack share dinner often together and Jack likes to show his appreciation for his papa.

Tonight, my hubby gave Jack an extra special treat, the pot that had macaroni and cheese in it. Jack did his part of his chores, he cleaned the pot squeaky clean, all that I have to do now is clean it with dishwashing soap and dry it. Jack does his part to help in the household, the little cutie.