Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

I am assuming that by unconventional, this means that we are not talking about my romantic love for my husband or the unconditional love that my husband and I both have for our babies or the love all four of us have for our little Jack, the famous Jack Russell of Blandford.

I can offer two examples of what might be considered unconventional loves in my life; my love for my Rubik's cube and the love I hold for my stamp collection. Both of these possessions were gifts from persons so very important to me, the Rubik's cube was a birthday present from my cousin Martine on my 13th birthday and my stamp collection given to me by my grandfather.

I suppose material possessions aren't so unconventional to love because in this world so many love their fast cars, big mansions and luxury boats more than people but I would call loving a possession unconventional because the object can't love you back.

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