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Our town librarian recommended two French films for my viewing pleasure The Women on the 6th Floor and Les Choristes. I asked the baby girl if she was interested in watching some French people on film, she said sure. We really enjoyed both movies a lot!

The Women on the 6th Floor was a nice, funny quintessential French movie. It was about life and relationships between Spanish maids and their French bosses as it exists in a private residential building in 1962. The protagonist is Jean Louis Journet, a successful stock broker, married with two children who is a very kind man, very comfortable within his universe and not very curious about the other layers in life. When the family’s long time maid leaves in a huff, the lady of the house on the advice of her wealthier socialite friends goes to the Spanish Catholic Church and finds herself a young Spanish maid who just happens to be related to one of the other Spanish maids who lives up on the 6th floor of the private residential building. The family’s whole life turns upside down once Jean Louis gets exposed to what life might be like outside of his small bourgeois existence. It is a sweet heart of a movie and both the baby girl and I were entranced from beginning to end.

The Choristes is another gem of a French film. This one takes place in the memories of two older men who were classmates in 1949 in a school for wayward boys. They were saved by a wonderful teacher who brought music into their lives and saved them from becoming young criminals. It is a wonderful slowly uplifting film that moves you with gorgeous young voices lifted in song. Again we were entranced, the both of us, by a heart warming story of hope, redemption and not giving up despite sometimes being disappointed by the actions of lonely young boys who don’t often know better and have already lived a hard life. We highly recommend this one.