Interview your favorite fictional character.

This evening I have the absolute pleasure of welcoming Miss Elizabeth Bennet to our program. She is the second oldest daughter of Mister and Mrs Bennet of the Longborn Estate in Hertfordshire, England.

Ms Bennet welcome to our show in the 21st century! How are you?

Ms Bennet: "Thank you for having me, how so kind of you. I am doing well and how are you? I must admit that I am fairly overwhelmed by society in this timeline."

"Oh dear, how do you mean by being overwhelmed by our society, is it in a bad way or an exciting way? If you don't mind me asking."

Ms Bennet: What I meant was that to see all of the freedoms and choices available to young ladies is overwhelming. How to decide what to do and when to do it. In my time a woman's work was never done but to see women in this time do what women in my time do at home and also work outside of the home is almost shocking. How much more work women have accepted into their lives.

"Ms Bennet, do you think that you would choose a profession over the more traditional life? Would you even think about going into politics, it's a possibility you realize, for women like you"

"Now I really feel overwhelmed, the idea that I could go into government and affect things for myself and ladies like me. I have to say that with all of these options, I would have to take my time before I choose. My biggest concern would be to squander my time or my choices"

"Ms Bennet, your intelligent and thoughtful answers don't surprise me in the least. I think that the world would be an exciting place with you and your wonderful mind at work in it."

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