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The skies have been dark all day with the air hanging heavy, it has felt as if something is going to pop since noon. By two o’clock the humidity was palpable, you could smell it in the air. The rains hiding in the clouds were announcing their arrival while still teasing about what time I should expect the deluge to happen.

What was amusing is that for all the talk about how cool spring has been, the first day of heat and humidity didn’t bring any joy, rather, at the post office where our townspeople congregate to discuss the weather, there was quite a bit of complaining.



I love these pictures, you could see the turmoil within and I could imagine the thunder and lightening being fabricated and churned about up there like in Greek mythology. Zeus has hidden in more than his fair share of thunder clouds hiding from Hera. Perhaps Zeus is hiding here in Blandford, good luck Zeus hiding away from Hera.