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I forget why my hubby and I stopped our Sunday evening getaways but we did. Today we decided to get back to spending Sunday night near Boston so that we could spend more time together. Jack and the babies will get me back tomorrow which is fine with them I’m sure, I think that Jack will probably miss me more, he’ll make do with either my son or my daughter.

My hubby and I did the pay per view in our room and we had been curious to see the Seven Psychopaths in the theater, I forget how we missed it but we did. So when we saw it available, we clicked on the order button without hesitation. I swear, it was one of the weirdest and more entertaining movies that we have both seen in a very long time. It was humorous, both light and very darkly humorous, it was extremely surprising, not in the sense of suspenseful but in the way that ordinary people don’t normally think. The cast of characters were unsurprisingly excellent given who was playing them; we had Christopher Walken, who at the end when he was striding out into the dessert, I couldn’t help but quip “There’s Christopher Walken walking”. There was Colin Ferrell, there was Tom Waite, there was Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson, this is a who’s who of brilliant actors known for their devoted commitment to the role, it was fantastic. The entire movie was based on pure love an owner has for his dog. I can more or less safely say that most people would not go to the extremes that we see in the movie but any dog lover will tell you that often money is no object to save your beloved Pooch, Bonnie or Rex. The writer was genius in blending an innocent love between an owner and his dog and the world of Seven Psychopaths.

After this movie we are going to see if we can find something else as entertaining to watch. Sunday nights are different because our two series have gone away to hiatus land so actually, instead of zipping back and forth between two shows, we are going to focus on only one, Game of Thrones.

I’m happy that we got back to Sunday night getaways.