Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

The word love is used for so many different things that sometimes I fear the meaning may well be lost at some point. You hear the phrases such as I love my iPod, I love those shoes, I love this and I love that, love, love, love. In some languages the word love retains its special place, for example Greek and French. I remember learning in one of my favorite courses of all time Greek Mythology and Anthropology that the word “love” was very special and not used lightly. I find the same thing in the French language; aimer or to love is used sparingly so that its impact still keeps its strength.

When you see the many different relationships that one associates with love; be it a place, an idea, people or animals, I suppose the common denominator is the level of importance to your happiness and well-being that the other carries in your estimation.

Does the overusage of a word diminish its meaning even if the word or the feeling that the word represents is so powerful? Can a word be immune to manipulation or better yet can a definition be kept safe? I know that language is very fluid and representational but at some point do our feelings and our communications suffer from such fluidity?

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