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My garden is getting more springlike by the day which puts a smile on my face because every day I see some new color, a new blossom or a surprise self-seeder cropping up where I didn’t expect. On the other hand, there are a few of my plants that are perplexing me and giving me pause as to which measures to take to make them healthier and stronger. It makes me sad that my azaleas and my clematis aren’t as happy as they ought to be, when I researched I found the solution to be relatively simple, applying pine mulch to adjust the ph balance of the soil. My clematis on the other hand, I am just grateful that it came back because it seemed to be a goner last fall. I am still trying to figure out how to get it in a healthier state, it has sprung buds from the old vine so those need to stay, but I am not sure if there are any new shoots because it is a tangle of old and new. That’s fine, my plants just need to be nurtured and babysat for a little while. I have two russian sage plants that have just sprouted new growth on their winter stems, they are still new additions so they haven’t, I suppose, developed the tolerance for our harsh winters. Hopefully, this summer will give my two russian sage plants the chance to get bigger and stronger.




So far my garden, in various places, is all awash in purples and blues with a splash of yellow and pink. It constantly amazes me just how much I love color. I have been thinking of what to get to put in the back near the pool to replace the bamboo “grove” that I dug up last week and I am leaning towards a rhododendron. I originally wanted a rose of Sharon but I’m having a hard time finding one, so that is why I thought rhododendron. In the front, my baby girl kindly posed near one of my favorite bushes of all, my lilac. It is one of a few that I have and I make it a point to take a whiff, every time I walk past anyone of them. The odor lingers in my nose for several minutes and it is heavenly.












I think that what I love most about taking pictures of flowers and plants is the intimate nature the lenses affords with the plant. I find that I see the unique traits of each part of the flower much more clearly through the camera even if it only my cell phone. Those who have the gift for photography are truly gifted with an eye for beauty in areas that most of us don’t get to envision. I tinker about and who knows maybe my eye will get better and see more clearly, beyond the easy and obvious.