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Tonight’s Historical Society program was really informative and enjoyable. It was held at the Blandford White Church which was built in the 1820’s and restored starting in 1994 and finished being restored in 1999. The committee members in charge of the White Church were compelled to inform the town in 1990, that steps needed to be taken to do something with the White Church because as of 1990, it was becoming a liability. Through a small donation they were able to restore the foundation. but that was as far as it went and so for four years, the White Church stood on cinder blocks. In 1994, Blandford found an extremely capable and energetic woman in the name of Mrs. Southworth who decided between parking cars for the Blandford Fair and organizing a Scottish Festival honoring the Scottish roots of our small town, that it would be the shot in the arm needed in terms of generating monies. Believe it or not, there was even more, in terms of good will, one of our residents is an accomplished opera conductor who proposed holding an opera that was such a hit, that it became an annual event. So between these three events, our White Church has been fully restored and we are very proud of it.

My hazelnut shortbread cookies were a hit, the other shortbread cookies were store bought, but still good. It always makes me happy to see others delight in my baked goodies. I had a lot of fun and I am so happy that I went. I am tired and ready for bed, in the immortal lyrics of the Sound of Music “so long, farewell, a vie de zein, good night, to you and you and you Good Night” Love that movie.