What's the most significant secret you've ever kept? Did the truth ever come out?

I have been a keeper of multiple secrets for my closest friends and the truth has never come out at least from my lips. Once someone has asked me to keep a confidence, I keep that confidence no matter what and trust me I have never had to keep any crime secret, I would never go that far. I strongly believe that it has never been my place to speak someone else's truth to anyone else. That would be a betrayal and taking their secret and swearing someone else to keep it secret does not count as keeping a secret. If more than two people know something than it isn't a secret.

Actually lately my memory has gotten so bad that if anyone confided anything to me, I would most probably forget it and then your secret is definitely safe with me, I have just forgotten how to access it fro my memory banks. I'm just as safe as a confessional these days.

Moreover I hold no judgement and my friends who confide in me know that, I don't judge and I hold my tongue, that is how I roll.

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