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Today was supposed to be our French Club meeting at the Porter Memorial Library, but my friend who started the club called me at the Library while I was waiting, to let me know that she was ill with a migraine and everyone else was a no show. I was disappointed on the surface but deep down inside, I was quite relieved because I still haven’t recuperated from the weekend. I woke up this morning just as exhausted as I was yesterday. I really wasn’t in the mood to speak French or to help others with the attempts at speaking full phrases, my brain isn’t quite up to snuff today. If others had shown up, I would have put on a brave face and it was really nice to not have to do that.

I can’t wait for me to get back to feeling like me; this intense exhaustion is tiring. I know that my general practitioner Dr. Muellner thinks that I might have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and I should just be patient and wait for me to get rested and feel better, but there are things to do, weeds to pull, more goodies to bake for the Historical Society and it is hard when you are lagging in energy.

I look forward to bedtime tonight, I am hoping that the fog will lift and the lethargy will fade, it would be nice for tomorrow to be energizing even if for just a little bit.