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I am so wiped from this weekend, I feel as if I ran a marathon; in between walking Jack a mile six times a day, helping my mother and my sister with the Mother’s Day celebration. My mother and I made two quiches both with caramelized onions and leeks and prosciutto de parma and when we got to my sister’s, we helped her with chopping and mincing the herbs and vegetables for the frittata, and setting the table. We even shared my Mother’s Day gift of cheesecake with my sister and her family. The two and a half days of making sure that Jack didn’t have any accidents and the walking plus with the helping, makes me one exhausted lady today.

As for my gifts, my hubby indulged me on my love affair with handbags with my newest acquisition that he picked out himself. He picked a beautiful and interesting handbag, I love it. My babies for the first time went to the mall and picked out my presents, just the two of them, and bought them without being reminded by their father. They were so happy and proud of themselves, they touched my heart, my babies did with their thoughtfulness. Being a mother is the greatest challenge that gives the greatest rewards, everlasting unconditional love.