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Three people walk into a bar, they stand closely together at the head of the steps looking left and right, obviously not sure which way to go. The bar that they chose to enter is the Horseshoe Bar in the Alphabet City, N.Y, calling it unique is an understatement to say the least. The Horseshoe Bar is famous in the neighborhood for being fiercely protective of its decidedly local flavor, bohemian feel and low key atmosphere. The patrons aren’t looking for flash, pizazz or celebrity, they have their home away from home and that is how they want to keep it.

These three individuals are obviously put off by the layout of the joint; a large horseshoe of a bar with beautiful wood varnished by years of hand rubbing, the oils from the multitude of hands producing a rich mellow hue on the bar’s surface. It was obvious to the usual patrons that these three were like fish out of water, definitely not in their normal environment. They were stuck in space, unsure which side to choose. No one was sure why they chose their neighborhood bar to enter, it didn’t have a fancy sign on the outside, it wasn’t known outside of Alphabet City and if you walked past it quickly, you wouldn’t even know it.

The three meekly descended the steps and made their way to the middle of the horseshoe and tried to get the barman’s attention. The barman, probably sensing their discomfort, quickly got to them, looked at the tall one n the eye and asked “what can I get you folks?” the tall one said “3 beers, please”.

The tale has started and who knows where it will lead.